About Us

About Virginia Limousine

We are a locally owned and family operated limousine and chauffeur service, located just South of Virginia’s Capitol: Richmond. Our service area focuses on Central Virginia and includes Williamsburg to the East and Charlottesville to the West. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with the newest vehicles and highest quality service available.

How Virginia Limousine Started

The founder of the company worked as a chauffeur for several local limousine companies who utilized old, poorly maintained limousines. As a driver, you’re the first one to recieve complaints or compliments about the vehicle and the service. Our founder was constantly hearing clients complain about broken radios, poor air conditioning, lighting that didn’t work, how dated the vehicles were and a multitude of other things. After hearing this for years and having the same issues with several diffent companies, in 2016 he set out on his own with the goal of bringing the quality of limousine service to Richmond that clients were expecting.

Our Mission

Since day one we’ve been dedicated to providing a level of service that’s superior to all others. We vow to always keep our fleet up to date and take meticulous care of our vehicles so you’ll never receive a vehicle from us that’s damaged or has features that do not work. Our drivers are carefully chosen and well trained for the handling of the vehicle and customer service to ensure professionalism throughout your experience.

We Listen to our Clients

It’s all about the client for us. When you ride with Virginia Limousine we want you to have a positive experience that’ll keep you coming back. We select vehicles that offer maxium comfort, style, luxury and convience to our customers based upon feedback from passengers. Your opinion matters!

Where We’re Headed

Realizing there aren’t any other options in the Richmond area that match our combination of experience, dedication to customer satisfaction and attention to detail, we want to have the most vehicle options available to our market. In the coming years we’re ready to blow minds with some new builds that don’t mirror anything currently available in Richmond. We’re planning to offer options that increase our maximum passenger capacity with the latest features available.