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How we determine the cost of your limousine or party bus ride

We understand how confusing it can be when getting rates from a limousine service so we’ve made it as simple and easy as we can. Rates vary by vehicle model, passenger capacity and vehicle type. We rent our limos and buses for a number of outings. With every group comes a different need and with different needs, we offer different limo pricing options to save you money.

• Rates vary by vehicle type and size. A limousine, a party bus and a sedan all differ in operating costs therefor differ in price to the customer.

• Cost will vary by trip type. We offer Hourly charter rates and point to point rates. See below for a definition of a point to point.

• View your vehicle choices and passenger ranges on the Fleet page.

• Our rates are by the vehicle and it’s capacity, not by passenger. We would never put you into a shared ride with strangers.

• We always quote an all inclusive price which includes a base rate, mileage, fuel and suggested gratuity; meaning the final bill won’t contain any hidden fees. The final bill will include any additional time used beyond contracted period but rates will remain the same as contracted. Tolls and parking fees are charged as incurred based on trip itinerary.

Hourly Charter Rates

Hourly charter or hourly rental is typically used when:

• Going to mulitple destinations before the conclusion of the ride.

• Round trip is needed but trips have only a few hours or less between them.

• Destinations (not final drop) are an hour or more away from the garaging location.

• Vehicles are rental for specific purpose of a “ride-around”.

For local trips, the rental charges begin at your scheduled pickup time and stop when we make the final drop off of any member of your group. For trips beginning and / or ending outside of our service area, you’ll be charged “garage to garage”, including the chauffeures time to and from our garaging location.

The advantage to hourly charter is that the vehicle and chauffeur are nearby if your plans suddenly change whereas point to points may have to remain as initially scheduled.

*If submitting a request for an hourly charter rate, please include an estimate of the amount of time needed for an accurate total. You’ll still be given an hourly rate with minimum hours required.

Point to Point Rates

Point to point pricing is typically used when:

• You’re being picked up in one location and dropped at another which concludes the need for the vehicle (one-way)

• You’re getting picked up at one location, dropped at another then being picked up again several hours later (typically 6 hours plus), thus eliminating the need for the vehicle to stay on location with you between rides. 

• There is no “flat rate” with point to point pricing. Pricing is determined by the number of pick-up points, drop off points and distance between each.

Common uses for point to point transfers are airport pickup/drop and wedding exits.

*If submitting a quote request, please be sure to include all pickup and drop off addresses for an accurate price

Price Matching

While our rates are inline with our area’s other top limousine providers, we can price match most other area limousine / transportation companies if:

• The company is fully liscensed, bonded and insured.

• Has a current Contract Passenger Operating Authority through the Virginia DMV. This can be found on the Virginia DMV website at www.dmvNOW.com

• You’ll have to provide us with a copy of the written quote you recieved from the competing company.

• The vehicles must be of the same passenger capacity.

• The type of service must be the same (i.e. point to point with the same pickup and drop off addresses, same number of hours for hourly charter, etc.).

Please understand, we won’t be able to match or beat the pricing of every competitor.

How Soon Can You Book

We don’t have a specific time you are required to have a reservation in by. Sooner is always better to guarantee availablity and avoid last minute dissapointments. All reservations are first come, first served. Trips can be booked up to a few hours before the time the vehicle is needed, provided we have availability, sufficient time to secure a driver then reach your pick-up location. There may be up charges for super last minute bookings.

Down Payment

When booking your limousine, party bus, shuttle or executive car, you’ll be required to place a minimum down payment which will be 25% of the total ride costs. The down payment ensures your ride and locks in your spot on our calendar. No ride will be held or vehicle reserved without a down payment.

The Balance

You are able to make payments toward your ride between the time the reservation is placed and one day prior to your trip. Any standing balances will be charged to the client’s card on the calendar day before the trip unless client has specified they will be paying the balance in cash at the time of pickup. If client fails to pay the balance in cash at pickup, the balance will be charged to the card provided. Discounts are not given for cash payments nor are there up charges for card payments.

Cancellation Policy

All payments and deposits are non refundable. If a trip is cancelled within 30 calendar days of the reservation, client will be responsible for any remaining balance. If a trip is cancelled more than 30 calendar days prior to the reservation date, client is responsible for 50% of remaining balance. Trips can be postponed to a later date within the following 6 months of the originial reservation date and payments can be transfered. Cancellations must be received via email.


We get it. Things happen and plans may have to change. Life is unpredictable. Relax, you can reschedule your trip with us for any date within 6 months of the orignial date without additional charges. The number of hours you originally booked my not be decreased for the rescheduled booking. If you had a point to point trip scheduled, you may change to hourly service but hourly service cannot be transitioned to a point to point transfer. If your party grows, the vehicle can be upgraded but the final bill will reflect the upgrade. If you must downgrade, there will be no reduction on originally contracted fees.

Other Standard Requirements

Client will be required to have an active charge card on file with us through the date of reservation. Card information is not visible to any driver, detailer or other staff and is deleted from our systems after your booking date has passed. All charge receipts will automatically be sent to the clients’ email address.

Responsibility Notice

When booking a ride, the booking client assumes full financial responsibility of the vehicle, should any damages be done by the group. Damages would include, but are not limited to: Smoking, seat burns, upholstery tears, upholstery or carpet staining, carpet soiling, damaged control panels, blown speakers or other audio damage, broken or taken glasswares. A cleaning fee of $300 to $500 will be implicated should any passenger become sick inside a vehicle. A cleaning fee of $250 to $400 will be implicated should there be food or food particles outside of a container, drinks or other spills which require additonal cleaning beyond sanitizing and vacuuming. A cleaning fee of $100 will be charged to any client who’s group leaves excessive trash (disposable cups, bottles, cans, drink containers or food cartons) inside a vehicle.

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