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What is a “Party Bus”

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What is a Party Bus?

A Party Bus, also known as a Limo Bus, Limousine Bus, Party Van and even Limo Truck, is a bus that’s been modified to have an interior which is like that of a limousine but with a few features that you may not find in a limousine.

How is a Party Bus different from a charter bus?

There are many styles and sizes of party buses. Traditionally, a party bus is a mini bus with a modified interior to include:

• Wrap-around seating

• Theater quality surround stereo system with subwoofers and bluetooth ability (although most stretch limousines have this also).

• Wet bar with coolers.

• Lighted ceiling, disco floor, strobe lights, laser lights, dance pole, television and other lighting / party affects.

• Some party buses incorporate tables and chairs into their designs.

Our party buses are made by LGE Coachworks and Grech Motors, two of the most reputable builders / vehicle modifiers in the industry.

Why choose a Party Bus?

Party Buses are growing in popularity accross the ground transportation and limousine industry. A party bus gives the ability to continue the party between venues, on the ride home, or can be the sole focus of the party.

Our Party Buses in Richmond give you access to comfort, style and safety (safety is always our top priority).

Party Buses are great for:

• Group outings with friends such as concerts, sporting events, casino trips.

• Splitting limousine rental costs among larger groups of friends. The per person rental cost of renting a party bus are normally cheaper than the per person costs of renting a limousine.

• The capacity of the bus. A Party Bus has the ablity to seat considerably more people than a limousine, thus making a party bus a more comfortable option for larger groups. A good rule of thumb when renting or booking a limousine is to rent a vehicle that has a capacity two passengers larger than what is truly needed. Like limousines, party buses come in all shapes and sizes so the rule applies here as well. The comfort of the group while riding is important.

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Why Choose our Party Bus Services?

We offer exception value on party bus rentals and services. Book one of our party buses for an evening of memories that will last you a lifetime.

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