Prom Limo Rental in Prince George, VA

Book the most popular limo company for prom limo rental in Prince George, VA! Virginia Limousine gives a safe and reliable choice for prom limo services in Prince George.

All the Coolest limos for Prom in Prince George

When you want to be the talk of the school, you need Virginia Limousine’s Prom Limousine Services.

Giving Prince George County a prom limousine experience that’s both safe and fun.

Having a prom limousine gives you an unforgettable evening and one less thing to worry about. You’re already thinking about what to wear and maybe who to go with; let us worry about who’s driving. There’s just no better way to spend your prom night.

Prom Limo

For the Highschoolers

Virginia Limousine offers prom limousines and party buses in Prince George, VA that’ll have you and your friends the envy of the whole school. With bluetooth radios, laser an strobe lights, underglows and wheel lights, your friends will know when you pull up to the dance in a Virginia Limousine.

Ask about our prom packages which include riding in your limousine or party bus of choice to dinner, then the dance, waiting outside the prom, maybe stopping for dessert, then the ride home. A 4 hour minimum applies to prom rentals with crazy discounts on prom limousine bookings of 6 hours and up.

Let’s make your night amazing. Whether you’re just going to prom with your date or several friends, we’ve got the perfect vehicle to accomodate your group. Our stylish limousines are ideal for parties of 2 to 12 and party buses are hard to beat for groups of 10 to 26.

See all of the fun limos and party buses you can rent from us for prom in Prince GeorgeĀ here.

If you’re worried or just have that feeling you’re forgetting something, look at this prom checklist from seventeen to be sure you’ve gotten all theĀ prom essentials.

For the Parents

It’s true – fun and safe do go together. We’ll provide a fun evening for the teenagers but give the parents peace of mind knowing everyone is safe. The parents will have the driver’s cell number and will know where the group is at all times. We don’t allow the teens to make changes to the itinerary without parental consent. When booking your prom limousine with us you get the best of both worlds.

Find out more about what to expect from your chauffeur here.

Prom Guarantee: No matter how the night may go, we’re here for you. Let us be part of your prom night to make it unforgettable. And if you make your other classmates a little jealous, well, that’s okay too.

Prom Limo

Prom Packages

See which package might work best for you. Contact us with your group size for pricing.

4 hours  The minimum. If you’re just going to the dance then 4 hours might sound like a lot but you’d be surprised. That time will go by a lot faster than you think. Booking your prom limousine or party bus for 4 hours should give you enough time to ride to the prom even if you’re making multiple pickups, spend 2 – 3 hours at the dance then ride back home.

5 hours – The additional hour should give you enough time for photos before the dance as long as everything is nearby. Of course you’re able to use your prom limousine as a backdrop. The remainder of your time can be spent riding to prom, at the dance and going back home.

6 hours – If things are a little more spread out then you’ll probably want to have your prom limousine for 6 hours. That’ll give you time for pickups, pictures, maybe dinner, the dance and back home.

7 hours – Be relaxed. Are you worried you might not have enough time? Book your prom limousine for 7 hours and have plenty of time for pickups, pictures, dinner, dancing and a fun ride back home. You’ll get to take advantage of some crazy discounts on the 6 and 7 hour prom packages.

8 hours – Go all out. Book a prom limousine for 8 hours and get one hour almost for free. This option is the best if you’re trying to fit in a lot in one night with plenty of time to dance too. Start at home, grab your friends, enjoy dinner, photos, dancing, dessert and still make it home before the clock runs out.

Limousines – Seating prom groups of 6 to 14 passengers. View here.

Party Buses – Seating Prom groups of 10 to 26 passengers. View here 

Prom Prices

With so many different vehicles to choose from, we’ll need you to let us know how many passengers you expect and what your favorite vehicle is (if you have one). That way we can put together an all inclusive total that includes tax and minimum gratuity so you’ll know exactly how much your prom limousine will cost. That’ll take away any guess work on your part and makes it a lot easier to divide up if you’re splitting the cost with friends.

Other things to consider when booking a prom limousine

A few recommendations:

1) Try to book a vehicle listed to carry two to three more passengers than you expect to be riding. It’s always better to have a little extra room in your prom limousine then not enough.

2) Book early. It’s okay to have an idea for a prom limousine at the last minute but the sooner you can book the better chance you’ll have of getting the exact vehicle you want.

3) If you’re looking to book the newest prom party bus or limousine in Virginia then there’s no need to call around.

The Most Booked Prom Limos in Prince George

Chrysler 300 Limousine

Chrysler 300 Limousine

Seats up to 10 people.

4 Hours: $593

6 Hours (10% Off): $800

8 Hours (15% Off): $1,010

All Fees Included

Wine Tours

Dodge Durango Limo

Seats up to 14 people.

4 Hours: $643

6 Hours (10% Off): $867

8 Hours (15% Off): $1,092

All Fees Included

Mercedes Sprinter Limo

Seats up to 12 people.

4 Hours: $815

6 Hours (10% Off): $1,100

8 Hours (15% Off): $1,385

All Fees Included

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