Prom Limousine Rentals

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Looking for a prom limo? Virginia Limousine’s prom rentals offer the best options for party buses, limousines, luxury sedans and SUV’s. Prom Limousine Service should be something that both the parents and the students can enjoy; the students enjoy the ride and the parents enjoy the peace of mind that their kids are safe and sound. That is our prom pledge. Our prom limo rental has a 6 hour special with a 5 hour minimum.


Limo for Prom

Just you and your date? We have luxury sedans that are nice and cozy for 2. Want to go a bit more grand? Take one of our limos to prom. Limo prom rentals are a fun way to add extra enjoyment to the evening (and show-off a little). We have a variety of stretch cars and SUV’s to choose your prom limo so you can have the coolest looking ride there. Our prom limo rentals have bluetooth radios, coolers and glassware with ice provided. Get Limo for Prom Quote


Prom Party Bus

Looking for something bigger than a limousine, like maybe a party bus for prom so you can go with a group of friends? We have prom party buses for those larger groups who want to arrive in style, together. Renting a party bus for prom is just a phone call away. Book a party bus to prom and enjoy the ride as much as the dance. Get Prom Party Bus Quote

It’s not everyday we book limousines. Determining the right limousine for your prom is based on the number of people going, the amount of time you’ll need the limo and how far you’re going. A good rule of thumb is to book a limo that can seat one to two passengers more than you actually need.

Our prom limos can seat up to 12 passengers and our prom party buses can seat up to 26 passengers. The prom sprinter limo seats 13 people. Our fleet options don’t stop at the three vehicles mentioned here, when requesting your quote please note how many guests you anticipate so we can quote your prom in the vehicle that best fits your needs.

We’ll make booking your limo rental for prom as quick and simple as possible.

How much is prom limo rent? Prom rentals are like any other occasion in the sense that the rates vary by vehicle capacity and time rented. It’s helpful to include as many details about your trip as possible so we can quote you accurately.


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